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The American Self Immolation, Truly a Sight to See – Pravda.Ru

October 20, 2009


The American Self Immolation, Truly a Sight to See

19.10.2009 Source: Pravda.Ru

As my readers know, I am a fan of economics and of history, as well as politics, a combination that forms some very interesting cycles to research, discuss and argue on. None is so interesting than the death of great nations, for here there is always the self destruction that comes before the final breakups and invasions. As they say: Rome did not fall to the barbarians, all they did was kick in the rotting gates.



It can be safely said, that the last time a great nation destroyed itself through its own hubris and economic folly was the early Soviet Union (though in the end the late Soviet Union still died by the economic hand). Now we get the opportunity to watch the Americans do the exact same thing to themselves. The most amazing thing of course, is that they are just repeating the failed mistakes of the past. One would expect their fellow travelers in suicide, the British, to have spoken up by now, but unfortunately for the British, their education system is now even more of a joke than that of the Americans.

While taking a small breather from mouthing the never ending propaganda of recovery, never mind that every real indicator is pointing to death and destruction, the American Marxists have noticed that the French and Germans are out of recession and that Russia and Italy are heading out at a good clip themselves. Of course these facts have been wrapped up into their mind boggling non stop chant of “recovery” and hope-change-zombification. What is ignored, of course, is that we and the other three great nations all cut our taxes, cut our spending, made life easy for small business…in other words: the exact opposite of the Anglo-Sphere.

via The American Self Immolation, Truly a Sight to See – Pravda.Ru.

  1. carterthewriter permalink
    October 20, 2009 4:14 PM

    With our system of government grants programs supporting organizations that purport to further a cause to enhance democracy when in fact only seem to be interested in their own survival. They generate no revenue and in most instances fail to pay taxes to contribute to the wellbeing of our economy. In retrospect, they’re a pain in the butt.

  2. abijah permalink
    October 20, 2009 5:34 PM

    America’s foundation was the Christian Faith. Through indifference we have allowed, since the 60’s, that foundtion to be dismantled piecemeal. Apparently we no longer value the rational for our Independance from Britain, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights. It is the Day of Our Incurable Pain.

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