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REP. FRED UPTON: House is moving forward on American energy solutions – Washington Examiner

September 20, 2011

House is moving forward on American energy solutions

By: Rep. Fred Upton | 09/20/11 8:05 PM

OpEd Contributor

When Republicans regained a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, we embraced the parallel goals of job creation and energy security. Both are essential to America’s long-term economic competitiveness, and both can be achieved by expanding the production of American energy.

By embracing a strategy that is open to all-of the-above energy sources, House Republicans have successfully passed legislation to tap into America’s vast energy resources and prevent regulations that threaten to drive energy costs up and drive jobs overseas.

In the past several months, the House has made significant progress under the banner of the American Energy Initiative, which reflects our multifaceted approach to expanding American energy production.

I hope to see these landmark pieces of legislation become law, but I fear that hope may be misplaced. Senate Democrats continue to block progress on numerous pro-jobs, pro-energy bills coming out of the House.

Consider just three of the positive energy solutions passed by the House, bills that originated in the Energy and Commerce Committee and are now stalled in the Senate.

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