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CRONY CAPITALISM: Kaiser Family Foundation 2009 GRANT to MICHELLE OBAMA’S ‘Urban Health Initiative’ – The Daily Caller

September 18, 2011

In this photo taken Friday, Sept. 16, 2011, President Barack Obama gestures while speaking in Alexandria, Va. Facing a potentially destabilizing diplomatic clash, President Barack Obama heads to the United Nations next week already looking beyond a potential vote on Palestinian statehood and toward laying the groundwork for the resumption of stalled Middle East peace talks. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Kaiser Family Foundation 2009 grant to Michelle Obama’s ‘Urban Health Initiative’ sparks more Solyndra ‘crony capitalism’ questions

Published: 10:00 PM 09/18/2011 | Updated: 12:29 AM 09/19/2011

By Matthew Boyle – The Daily Caller

A Daily Caller review of the George Kaiser Family Foundation’s income tax returns found that during the same year billionaire investor George Kaiser successfully secured $535 million in government loan guarantees for the now-failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, his private philanthropy donated to a political cause close to the hearts of several high-ranking Obama administration officials.

Kaiser, a major Obama donor, was a frequent White House visitor during the week before the Obama administration approved that taxpayer-underwritten financial deal.

A $10,000 donation to the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago Medical Center appears on the group’s 2009 tax forms. It was also in 2009 that Kaiser successfully sought to lock down a loan guarantee for the green-energy company Solyndra through his two investment vehicles: Argonaut Ventures and the GKFF Investment Company.

While this donation seems small compared to the far larger numbers involved in the Solyndra scandal, it adds to the pattern of possible connections between the Obama administration and the growing Solyndra scandal.

via Solyndra | Kaiser Foundation | George Kaiser | The Daily Caller.


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