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VAN JONES on the American Dream 2.0

September 15, 2011

Van Jones on the American Dream 2.0

By Heather King | September 8th, 2011

By Heather King

Van Jones may have resigned his post as Obama’s green jobs czar, but he continues his crusade for a better America. This afternoon at the SOCAP 2011 conference, he rallied support for the “American Dream 2.0″ and railed on the Tea Party.

“There was a tech bubble and a dot com bubble. Now we have the Tea Party bubble,” said Jones, “and I want to pop it.”

In his view, the Obama campaign and administration started off on the right track. The Obama campaign made patriotism cool again, and represented the core American value of ‘e pluribus unum.’ He inspired. The future was all about hope and change, cultural and spiritual renewal disguised as politics. Then the President and his supporters got embroiled in running the government. “We stopped doing what was working for us; our messages were all about subcommittees.”

This created an opening for the Tea Party. They launched their own patriotic story in which Obama was the villain and was a threat to a sacred American value: liberty. It was powerful, and the progressives underestimated the impact. And they have hijacked Obama’s agenda.

Mr. Jones concedes that the Tea Party strategy was well executed and highly leveraged – an open source brand that used wiki technology to galvanize previously existing communities. The originators pulled together 3,528 groups from the Ross Perot era and had them sign on as tea party affiliates. He observed, “There is no Tea Party headquarters or lobby. They don’t exist as a physical entity.”

Six months ago, in an effort to rebuild community and reignite people-powered politics, Jones launched “The American Dream” movement.

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