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BACHMANN: I’m A-Goin’ to Go Ahead and Push This Lunatic VACCINES=Autism Lie – Ace of Spades HQ

September 14, 2011

September 13, 2011

Bachmann: I’m A-Goin’ to Go Ahead and Push This Lunatic Vaccines=Autism Lie

Precious bodily fluids.

That’s not just a throwaway movie line. There is strain of “body paranoia,” for lack of a better term, that infects the public from time time; first it was fluoridation, a communist plot to sap our spirits and our manliness with fluorine in the public water; and lately this has morphed into the anti-vax movement.

Where did this theory come from? On the “scientific” side, it came from The Lancet, the leftwing British medical journal that also told you they had determined theup to nearly a million Iraqis died “due to” the war. When you hear that “million dead” claim, that’s from the Lancet, and the Lancet still stands behind it.

What they don’t stand behind is their previous Great Big Scare article which claimed vaccinations led to autism — they retracted the 1998 paper, stating that Wakefield and his colleagues had been unethical, as well as “dishonest and irresponsible.”

That actually understates things. That’s the Lancet looking for an easy way out.

It’s worse than that.

“Mr. 11” was one of a tiny, tiny number of parents of children with autism whose kids had been examined by Wakefield et al. His kid, “11,” was part of the “proof” of a link between autism and the vaccination.

Yeah here’s the thing: When “Mr. 11” checked Wakefield’s reportage of his own child’s medical history, he caught Wakefield lying. Child 11 had actually developed his first signs of autism before he was vaccinated.

So it’s difficult to prove that the vaccination caused autism.

Unless, of course, you simply claim he got his vaccinations earlier than he actually did, as Wakefield did in fact claim. Only Mr. 11, checking up on the report, would have known this and could have called bullshit. (Mr. 11 is an American engineer — wrong guy to fake the data about.)

And why would Wakefield go to such lengths to prove a vaccine-autism connection?

Why else?

via Ace of Spades HQ.


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