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MARK AMODEI WINS NEVADA special election; no problems reported in Washoe | Reno Gazette-Journal |

September 13, 2011

Mark Amodei wins Nevada special election; no problems reported in Washoe

9:26 PM, Sep. 13, 2011

Associated Press has called the Nevada CD2 race for Mark Amodei. / Andy Barron/RGJ

9:24 p.m. update: While the night was still young, the special election for the open seat for Nevada’s northern U.S. House district was proceeding in an orderly fashion in Washoe County, where more than half of district’s 396,000 registered voters live.

No problems at the polls were reported, according to election officials. And the count began with the usual routines of deputies bringing in electronic ballot cards from Incline Village and Wadsworth for the count at the Washoe Voter Registrar Dan Burk’s office.

A few observers were alarmed when the computers were rebooted after the early-voting results were entered, but Burk said that is standard procedure and not sign of a malfunction.

He said the computers will be rebooted again once the live vote on Tuesday is counted, before the count of mailed-ballots begins. That’s to make sure the machines are totally cleared, he said.

This is the 20th election Burk has overseen for Washoe County and the ninth using Sequoia voting machines.

Brief power outages caused by storms resulted in backup batteries kicking in on voting machines in the Nye County communities of Amargosa Valley and Beatty, but no one lost their opportunity to vote, Nevada secretary of state’s office spokesman Bob Walsh said.

A steady stream of voters at the Wilbur D. May Center in northwest Reno kept precinct chairwoman Paula Valentin and her staff busy before the polls closed.

DeJon Kubik arrived to vote at the museum in Rancho San Rafael Regional Park in his usual style.

He wore a 100-year-old beaver top hat saying “Vote in 2012.” On his blue coat, he wore a sparkling blue Nevada pin that Republican former Gov. Paul Laxalt had given his grandmother. And he wore an American flag tie.

For years, he has preached the same message on Election Day: “If you don’t vote, please do not come and complain to me what went wrong.”

Kubik patiently removed from a scooter from his car and assembled it for his 81-year-old mother so she could roll inside and vote, too.

“We have to get more people out voting,” said Betty Knollhoff, his mother, who has cast ballots for more than 60 years.

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  1. Betty L. Kelly permalink
    September 14, 2011 6:18 AM

    Well you dumbed-down Nevadans did it again! What are you “smoking” or “sniffing”? You just sent another free-loading blood sucking politician to Wash. D.C. He professes he can’t wait to hit the ground there. Yes, indeed, all the way to the elite golf course with his do-nothing buddies and all the goodies(burp) that will be waiting for him. All paid for by taxpayers. He’s a member of the do-nothing party that is racist, homophobic, war hungry, and yes, chauvinistic and hides behind the apron strings of women and children until he’s safe and sound on the Hill stuffing his pockets with the green stuff. I remember in 2001 on the NV Senate floor, once they found him, he was the deciding vote that killed the Children’s bill (AB219) that would have made America’s wild horses the 2nd state animal along side the Eurasia big horn sheep. So add that he is anti-wild horse as well. Like Reagan, he’s a “sagebrush rebel” and is one more member of the “zoo” in D.C.!

    Betty Kelly, northern Nevada resident since 1970.
    Washoe Valley NV

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