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JOHN PODHORETZ: Sorry excuses can’t conceal truth –

September 13, 2011

Sorry excuses can’t conceal truth

September 12, 2011

By John Podhoretz

If and when the news comes tonight that a conservative Republican has won the special congressional election in a Brooklyn-Queens district with three times as many registered Democrats as Republicans, you’ll hear excuses pour forth from liberal blogs, commentators and political experts.

Take the excuses seriously, because they’ll all have merit. Then reject them — because this surprisingly significant race has more to tell us about the election of 2012 than anyone could’ve expected even a month ago.

Objection No. 1: The Democrat, David Weprin, is a lousy candidate. He is. And the quality of a candidate matters.

But in this district, even a lousy Democratic candidate should be a gimme. The area has never gone Republican in a national race. It has the largest concentration of Jews in the nation, and Jews are the second-most reliable Democratic ethnicity.

A Jew has represented the area in Congress (in whole or in part) since 1922. Weprin is Orthodox, and sports a yarmulke. The Republican, Bob Turner, is a Catholic.

Something more is going on here than Weprin’s inarticulate bumbling.

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