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Obama produces JOBS BILL, pushes Congress to pass it ‘immediately’ –

September 12, 2011

Obama produces jobs bill, pushes Congress to pass it ‘immediately’

By Sam Youngman – 09/12/11 11:30 AM ET

President Obama on Monday produced a hard copy of the jobs bill he is sending to Congress, holding it up in a Rose Garden event and challenging lawmakers to put politics aside and pass the measure.

The president, flanked by first responders, teachers and construction workers, chastised Congress, pushing his strategy of intensifying the pressure on Republicans to put them on defense and rally support for his $447 billion bill.

Obama, seeking a rally after a summer of sinking approval numbers and universally maligned Washington gridlock, told Congress “here it is,” and adding he wanted “no games, no politics, no delays.”

“I’m sending this bill to Congress today, and they ought to pass it immediately,” Obama said.

Obama stressed that his plan will be paid for despite the skepticism of many and the as-yet-unveiled way he plans to pay for it.

In the Rose Garden, the president said he would unveil his plan next week “not only to pay for this jobs plan, but also to reduce the deficit further.”

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