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Meet MITT ROMNEY’S economic team – Campaign 2012

September 6, 2011

Meet Romney’s economic team

By Conn Carroll Senior Editorial Writer

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney announced his “economic policy team” via twitter today including President Bush Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Gregory Mankiw (2003-2005), President Bush Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Glenn Hubbard (2001 to 2003), and former Rep. Vin Weber, R-Minn. Here are some past statements from each.

Mankiw, “One Answer to Global Warming: A New Tax,” in The New York Times:

A global carbon tax would be easier to negotiate. All governments require revenue for public purposes. The world’s nations could agree to use a carbon tax as one instrument to raise some of that revenue. No money needs to change hands across national borders. Each government could keep the revenue from its tax and use it to finance spending or whatever form of tax relief it considered best.

Hubbard, “Capitalism Against Climate Change,” The Wall Street Journal:

The case for action to combat global climate change has grown increasingly compelling in recent years. … One recent change is a proposal to balance a need for policy action with a mechanism for prudent economic risk management. I refer to new recommendations by the National Commission on Energy Policy for an emissions trading program that safeguards the economy. This is the idea behind proposed legislation by Sens. Jeff Bingaman (D., N.M.) and Arlen Specter (R., Pa.)

Weber on government’s relationship to business as told to The Washington Examiner:

We have an administration now that has spent two and a half years unrelentingly bashing business. The least of our problems going forward would be a president who is too friendly to business.

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