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ROMNEY’S TEA PARTY Outreach Met With Skepticism |

September 4, 2011

Romney’s Tea Party Outreach Met With Skepticism

Published September 04, 2011 |

Mitt Romney’s debut on a major Tea Party stage has gotten off to a rocky start, as local and national activists protest what they claim is the presidential candidate’s half-hearted attempt to court their members.

The former Massachusetts governor is in New Hampshire Sunday to headline a Tea Party Express rally. From there, he’ll attend a forum Monday in South Carolina set up by Tea Party-aligned Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.

But some Tea Party groups say the candidate until now has been unresponsive to their appeals. The Tea Party-tied FreedomWorks organized a counter-demonstration Sunday ahead of Romney’s speech to hammer his record and perish the thought that the ex-governor is one of them.

“He has not been consistently pro-market, pro-limited government, against government overreach. And that’s what we’re concerned about,” FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe told Fox News.

Representatives from a dozen local groups were expected to demonstrate in New Hampshire before Romney’s speech. They’re also handing out anti-Romney literature titled, “The Issue with Romney is the Issues.”

Their biggest complaint is the Massachusetts health care plan Romney helped pass as governor of that state — the program included a requirement to buy health insurance, well before the same mechanism showed up in the Democrats’ national health care overhaul. Romney repeatedly has said he opposes President Obama’s health care overhaul, and that he understands what works in Massachusetts might not work in other states.

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