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Lifestyles of the RICH and POLITICAL | The Weekly Standard

September 2, 2011

Lifestyles of the Rich and Political

Shouldn’t our candidates’ consumption be less conspicuous?

SEP 5, 2011,



Dear Mitt Romney: Please don’t knock down your $12 million beach house in California and replace it with a new one almost four times its size. At least not while you’re running for president and your campaign has yet to catch fire. We know it gets cramped, but a lot of other people are cramped also, what with either being unemployed and having to move in with their relatives, or putting up college grad children who cannot find jobs, or having to downsize from the house they once lived in, but now can’t afford. Doing this now could seem like a poke in the eye to these people, whose trust funds weren’t quite the size of yours, and who saw their retirement funds dwindle through no fault of their own. For the next few years, your guests can find a motel, double up, or crash on the floor in a sleeping bag. If you have to go big, you can do it in the third year of your first term, when thanks to you, the economy is once again booming. Or you can do it after you’ve lost (either the primaries or the presidential election), when you will be your own man again and quite free to do and to spend as you please.

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  1. Jack Neeson permalink
    September 3, 2011 8:11 AM

    Why does the name, Joe Kennedy and his progeny, come to mind when I read pap like this? In my view criticism of wealth is better directed to how it was acquired, if one is
    seriously going to judge the character of its owner

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