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Libya crisis: COL GADDAFI vows to fight a ‘long war’ – BBC News

September 1, 2011

Libya crisis: Col Gaddafi vows to fight a ‘long war’

1 September 2011 Last updated at 16:56 ET

Libya’s fugitive ex-leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has said he is ready to fight a long guerrilla war, in an audio message carried by a loyalist TV channel.

It was the second message in one day purporting to be from Col Gaddafi, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Anti-Gaddafi forces encircling the city of Sirte have given loyalists an extra week to negotiate their surrender.

Meanwhile, Western leaders have urged the interim authorities to engage in reconciliation with their enemies.

Delegates from 63 countries met to discuss Libya in Paris, on the 42nd anniversary of Col Gaddafi’s emergence as the leader of the coup that overthrew King Idris.

The colonel has not been seen in public for months, and it is not known where he is hiding.

“People are fighting colonialism,” he said in the first audio message which was broadcast on the Syria-based al-Rai television and lasted about 10 minutes.

“There must be huge sacrifices for the sake of freedom, the traitors will come to an end and Nato now will collapse, and the traitors’ loyalty to Nato will collapse.”

via BBC News – Libya crisis: Col Gaddafi vows to fight a ‘long war’.


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