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NOEMIE EMERY: Becoming a bigot in three easy steps – Washington Examiner

August 31, 2011

Becoming a bigot in three easy steps

By: Noemie Emery | Examiner Columnist | 08/30/11 8:05 PM

How do you turn your normal Republican leader into a racist in three easy stages?

Let’s see: On Aug. 19, Reihan Salam writes a post saying that conservatives are “overwhelmingly white” in a country much less so, that some feel that immigrants from Bangladesh or from Mexico may not share their values, and that these voters, most over 50, “are looking for champions … people who are unafraid to fight for the America they remember” because they have “a sense that the country they grew up in is fading away.”

This is seen by Matthew Yglesias at Think Progress and linked to a statement made by House Speaker John Boehner over a year ago that, under the Democrats, the country he grew up in was being “snuffed out.”

Boehner was born in 1949. Yglesias takes this to mean Boehner pines for the 1950s. Yglesias looks back at the things that defined those years, finds things no one liked (the Cold War, the fear of nuclear warfare), things liberals liked (high tax rates, strong unions), but little to strike a conservative’s fancy, except for one thing: Jim Crow.

This means Boehner is really a racist, according to Yglesias. “From a non-bigoted conservative point of view, what is there really to miss?” he asks us. “It’s difficult for me to evade the conclusion that on an emotional level, conservative nostalgics are primarily driven by regret at the loss of social privilege by white men.”

Toss this ball to Isaac Chotiner at the New Republic, who comes up with this: Concede Boehner and others like other things in mid-1950s America. They are still racist, as they want to return to an era that had segregation — no matter what other good things it held.

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  1. August 31, 2011 9:08 PM

    I am sorry to say that I have known a few racists in my life. These are people who spew commentary against minority groups. All minority groups. They apparently feel uncomfortable in the presence of racial minorities to the point of fear. More than words they do avoid those who are not like them.

    Lumping all Republicans into the group called racists is a mistake. Each person must be judged by both words and deeds.

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