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FoodPolitik: GREENPEACE is neither green nor peaceful – The Daily Caller

August 29, 2011

FoodPolitik: Greenpeace is neither green nor peaceful

Published: 12:11 AM 08/29/2011 | Updated: 1:03 PM 08/29/2011

By Rick Berman

Left-wing environmentalist groups are chockfull of propaganda, and when they drink too much of their own kool-aid, the results can be unsettling. That’s just what happened Down Under, where Greenpeace activists recently took pictures of themselves destroying a government crop-biotechnology experiment.

Unsurprisingly, Australian police soon raided Greenpeace’s Sydney office and now two activists are facing criminal charges for their alleged role in destroying the experiment and causing $300,000 in damage.

What would drive activists to cross the line from peaceful protest — a time-honored tradition in the U.S. — to something more nefarious? Welcome to the junction where ideology becomes eco-vigilantism (or worse).

Greenpeace has long opposed the use of genetic-modification biotechnology in crops. The premise of the technology is quite simple: Insert a few genes into, for example, corn or wheat that give the crop a resistance to drought or to a certain pesticide.

Greenpeace and other fringe environmental groups react to genetically improved crops like a vampire seeing a cross. Greenpeace breathlessly warns that biotech crops will cause new and horrible food allergies (but they haven’t). Biotech crops have been widely consumed for over a decade in the U.S. without any instances of health problems.

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