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GOP senator: White House ‘failed miserably’ on economy – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

August 27, 2011

GOP senator: White House ‘failed miserably’ on economy

By Ben Geman – 08/27/11

Freshman Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) on Saturday bashed President Obama’s economic record while calling for a balanced budget amendment and a tax code overhaul that lowers rates.

Heller’s GOP weekly address arrives amid of a wave of sour economic news – including new data on meager second-quarter growth – that’s posing a political threat to Obama heading into 2012.

Heller laid out a laundry list of Republican goals in remarks that come ahead of high-stakes bipartisan deficit-reduction negotiations this fall.

He took aim at the administration while more broadly calling for better cooperation in Washington.

“There is no question that the status quo of dysfunctional government must end. People from all over the country are struggling just to get by and are desperate for real solutions,” Heller said.

“Unfortunately, job creation and economic growth has taken a back seat to political posturing and grandstanding in Washington,” he added.

Heller said administration’s approach to economic recovery has “failed miserably,” and claimed that “out of control” spending, the healthcare law and federal regulations are stifling growth and costing jobs.

President Obama is slated to roll out a jobs agenda next month. Heller, for his part, laid out what he called steps the administration and Congress could take immediately to help boost recovery.

“I believe our best days are still ahead, but we need to change course now. Let’s pass a balanced budget amendment to force the federal government to live within its means, repeal the president’s small business killing Health Care law, open up our country to energy exploration, and reverse the regulations that are tying the hands of entrepreneurs across America,” he said.

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