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Left And Right Going Nuclear On RICK PERRY –

August 26, 2011

Left And Right Going Nuclear On Rick Perry



Posted 08/25/2011 07:01 PM ET

When you hear every single liberal media outlet in the country say, “We will know more about Rick Perry after we vet his 11 years in office,” you need to understand that what they vindictively mean is: “President Obama and his followers will be proud of us after we are done with the mother of all smearing campaigns against the conservative governor of Texas.”

Not since Ronald Reagan has a Republican candidate for president evoked such outright fear and loathing from the mainstream media and the far-left.

They are flat-out petrified of Perry and are desperately trying to kill off his candidacy before it can take hold. Why?

Simple. As they suspiciously heap praise on the likes of Jon Huntsman and even Mitt Romney, they increasingly worry that Perry has the best chance to defeat their handpicked socialist messiah now occupying the Oval Office.

With exactly that mission in mind, an editor of a major newspaper told me: “We plan to declare war on Rick Perry and do all in our power to crush him.”

There you have it. No pretense of integrity, professionalism or of unbiased news-gathering. This particular newspaper plans to use its very considerable resources to destroy the Perry campaign before it gains momentum. Period.

Enemies On The Right

Beyond the usual suspects in the far-left media, many in the GOP establishment such as Karl Rove, are doing all they can to derail the Perry campaign. Again, why?

Erick Erickson, in an excellent horse race summation in Red State, nails the answer:

“So you have these guys … trying to settle every score they can with Perry and his consultant, Dave Carney. … Because so much of the consultant class will be shut out of the White House should Rick Perry win, their livelihoods depend on Rick Perry losing either now or in November.

And frankly, for a few in the GOP consultant class, they’ll gladly see Perry lose in November just to ensure they are not shut out of a Republican White House. For all the talk of Perry being an establishment guy, the establishment hates his guts as much as the left does . . .”

Erickson then punctuates the close of that paragraph with this all powerful truth: “That’s one reason the base finds him so endearing.”

Exactly. The majority of the American people know — or will know — the real deal when they see it, and that is what is causing so much of the left and the establishment right to quake right down to their faux-Texas cowboy boots.

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