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JERRY BROWN unveils jobs plan to spur hiring in California –

August 26, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown, left, and Sen. Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) share a laugh with members of the media as they answer questions about Brown’s corporate tax plan at the Capitol on Thursday. (Bryan Patrick / Saramento Bee / August 25, 2011)

Jerry Brown unveils jobs plan to spur hiring in California

The governor wants to change the tax code to draw more revenue from firms that employ the bulk of workers outside the state while creating new breaks for firms that hire or buy equipment in California.

By Anthony York, Los Angeles Times

August 26, 2011

Reporting from Sacramento — Facing stubborn unemployment and political pressure from his own party, Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled a jobs plan Thursday that he said would spur companies to hire California workers.

He wants to change the state’s tax code in a way that would reap more revenue from some companies that employ the bulk of their workers outside California, while creating new tax breaks for firms that hire in the state or buy business equipment here.

The package is an expansion of an idea Brown included in his January budget plan. It received no Republican support — and GOP officials said it was unlikely the latest iteration would win any, either.

Originally, the governor intended to use the roughly $1 billion the state would receive from the tax change to avoid cuts in public services. Now, he wants to spend that money in a way Republicans generally prefer — business tax credits.

At a Capitol news conference Thursday, he argued that outside the context of California’s bitter budget wars, he might be able to pick off a few Republicans.

“I can win support from the business community and get four or five Republican votes,” Brown contended.

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  1. August 26, 2011 11:40 AM

    Oversee the spending of UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau and save million for higher education and the 10 UC campuses, Like any addiction, admitting you have a problem is the first step toward correcting it. University of California Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau ($500,000 salary) has forgotten he is a public servant, steward of the public money, not overseer of his own fiefdom.
    Tuition, fee increases exceed national average rate of increase under Birgeneau
    Recruits (using California tax $) out of state, foreign $50,600 students who displace qualified sons, daughters of Californians from Cal.
    Spends $7,000,000 + for consultants to do his & vice chancellors work
    (Prominent East Coast University accomplishing same 0 cost).
    University accrues $150 million of inefficiencies over his 8 year reign.
    Pays: ex Michigan governor $300,000 for lectures.
    In procuring $3,000,000 consultant failed to receive proposals from other firms.
    Latino enrollment drops out of state jump 2010(M Krupnick Contra Costa Times)
    Best in nation rank: # 70 Forbes
    Academic rank: QS academic falls below top ten.
    Tuition to Return on Investment drops below top 10.
    Cal most expensive USA public university
    NCAA: absence senior management oversight, basketball program on probation.

    These are not isolated examples: it’s all shameful. There is no justification for such irregularities by a steward of the public trust. Absolutely none.

    Birgeneau’s spend thrift practices will not change. University of California Board of Regents Chair Sherry Lansing must do a better job of vigorously enforcing financial oversight of Birgeneau who treat’s Cal. as his fiefdom. Only then will confidence of Alumni, donors begin to improve.

    My agenda is transparency. I have 35 years’ consulting experience; have taught at UC Berkeley, where I observed the culture & the way senior management works. No, I was not fired or downsized & have not solicited contracts from UC/Cal.

    Email opinion to

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