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STEPHEN MOORE: Democratic Dissatisfaction – Political Diary – WSJ

August 25, 2011

Democratic Dissatisfaction

By: Stephen Moore

August 25, 2011

With President Obama’s approval rating on the economy sinking to 26% last week and the economy stalled, the likelihood of a Democratic challenge to Mr. Obama for the 2012 nomination has risen from “no way” to “maybe.”

John McIntyre of says there’s much more chatter now about Mr. Obama facing a primary challenge. “I wouldn’t rule it out,” he said. “Democrats are getting increasingly worried about his chances of winning in 2012.” A poll of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents that was taken earlier this month found that 32% want a primary challenge to Mr. Obama.

Who might take on the incumbent? The first choice for a replacement is Hillary Clinton. The politicos I talked to said that she is almost certain not to challenge him but might be tempted to run if Mr. Obama were forced out or dropped out.

Another possibility would be a challenger from the increasingly frustrated left — someone like Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich or activist Ralph Nader. Some liberals want Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to challenge Mr. Obama for compromising with Republicans. Mr. Sanders has said that “there is a lot of disillusionment” among “working class people” and “progressives,” but the senator says he’s not interested in the presidency.

Two other prominent names have been floated. One is Al Gore, who still wants to be president and has been critical of Mr. Obama’s policies of late. The other name that I’m hearing as a viable opponent is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Almost everyone believes he wants to run in 2016 — but probably not before then.

Though no one will say it for attribution, one big problem for everyone mentioned above is that Mr. Obama will have a virtual lock on the crucial black vote, which would make a primary challenge very difficult.

— Stephen Moore

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  1. August 25, 2011 8:32 PM

    The challenge is more likely to come from a third party candidate. I believe that “independents” are disgusted with both political parties. I am an “independent” and am certainly disgusted and disappointed. Obama said he wanted to be president of neither the blue nor the red but everyone. He just has not been a strong leader.

    As things exist now the United States is staggering towards collapse. Without a strong leader we will continue to see a disintegration. It won’t happen in the next five years but you can see a slow but certain decline. Perhaps we will end like the Soviet Union.

    If I appear depressed you are correct. I am depressed about this nations future.

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