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More students pass CA High School EXIT EXAM – San Jose Mercury News

August 24, 2011

More students pass California High School Exit Exam

By Sharon Noguchi

Posted: 08/24/2011 10:01:45 AM PDT

California students continued to make incremental gains in meeting minimal graduation standards, with 94.6 percent of the Class of 2011 passing the high school exit exam.

Preliminary data released Wednesday showed that for the first time, more than 90 percent of students of all major ethnic and racial groups had passed both the English and math portions of the exit exam by May of their senior year.

State superintendent of schools Tom Torlakson welcomed the results. “It is heartening to see that our students continue to learn and achieve despite the painful toll that budget cuts are taking on our schools,” he said in a prepared statement.

Public school students take the California High School Exit Exam in the 10th grade. Those not passing have two chances in 11th grade and five chances in 12th grade to pass.

The stakes are high not only for students. For high schools, the federal government uses exit-exam pass rates to grade schools. That annual rating is scheduled to be released next week along with state scores.

Among the class of 2006, 90.4 percent had passed the exit exam by spring of their senior year. Since then, the passage rate has fluctuated, largely correlating with whether students with disabilities were included in score tallies. Currently, students with disabilities must take the exam in 10th grade, but do not need to pass in order to earn a diploma.

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