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August 23, 2011

Perry dominates, problems for Romney in new Daily Caller/ConservativeHome Tracking Poll

Published: 12:06 AM 08/24/2011

By Alexis Levinson

Newly declared presidential candidate Rick Perry is now the undisputed GOP frontrunner, while Michele Bachmann’s star has started to fall, according to the latest Daily Caller/ConservativeHome presidential primary tracking poll.

Perry now leads the field in all five categories polled this month: first choice, most electable, second choice, best at dealing with the economy, and best at keeping Washington spending under control — often by a large margin.

Perry is the top choice for 29.3 percent of Republicans, handily trouncing Michele Bachmann’s 17.0 percent and Mitt Romney’s 11.1 percent.

But Perry has not just captured the hearts of Republicans; he has also captured the minds of those who are pragmatically looking not just for a nominee they like, but for one who can beat President Barack Obama. He is also considered far and away the most electable, with 46.5 percent naming him the most viable candidate to beat the incumbent president. Romney takes just 19.8 percent of the vote in this category, a sharp drop from July, when he led in this category with 33.5 percent. Michele Bachmann’s share has dropped to just 9.6 percent, falling precipitously from 21.1 percent in July.

That’s particularly problematic for Romney. In the past, his appeal has resided in the fact that he has seemed like the Republican candidate most able to win a general election. He is seen as moderate enough to appeal to independents, and also with someone with the business experience to match up favorably against the president in the troubled economic climate. But Perry has ousted him in both categories. Not only is he perceived as electable, but his record of job creation as governor of Texas appears to trump Romney’s business experience.

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