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AFL-CIO orchestrates effort to counter public opposition to NLRB’s ‘QUICKIE ELECTION’ rules – The Daily Caller

August 22, 2011

AFL-CIO orchestrates effort to counter public opposition to NLRB’s ‘quickie election’ rules

Published: 2:53 PM 08/22/2011

By Matthew Boyle – The Daily Caller

The AFL-CIO submitted more than 21,000 comments on behalf of people in favor of a new National Labor Relations Board proposed “quickie election” rule change on Monday.

If the NLRB finalizes its proposed rule, the time between when union organizers file a petition and when an election takes place would be shortened to just 7–10 days. Traditionally, unionizing elections are held up to six weeks after organizers meet the petition requirements.

Union spokesman Josh Goldstein told The Daily Caller that the 21,000 comments submitted right before Monday’s deadline “were organized by the AFL-CIO, primarily through our online tools that allow the public to be engaged in these types of opportunities to have their voices heard.”

“These are separate from many other comments in support submitted to the NLRB not through the AFL-CIO,” Goldstein said in an email.

“It’s impossible to tell which comments are from union members and which are not, but our activists that took part in writing comments are from a very diverse group both union members and not,” Goldstein adds.

The NLRB published its proposed rule change in the Federal Register on June 22, which means the public could comment through Monday of this week, August 22.

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