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Team Pawlenty awaits decision from CHRIS CHRISTIE – The Daily Caller

August 20, 2011

Team Pawlenty awaits decision from Chris Christie

Published: 2:00 PM 08/19/2011 | Updated: 11:28 PM 08/19/2011

By Amanda Carey – The Daily Caller

Since Tim Pawlenty ended his bid for the presidency last Sunday, his former staffers and key fundraisers have held off from endorsing another candidate or moving to another campaign. There’s a reason.

Team Pawlenty is waiting on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to make a decision about entering the field as a presidential candidate, The Daily Caller learned Friday.

Key staffers who formerly made up the Pawlenty campaign have been in discussions with Christie all week and the talks are still ongoing, sources told TheDC. They are reportedly very anxious to have Christie officially place his hat in the ring. At one point, there was discussion of Christie flying to Texas at the beginning of the week; he ultimately nixed that plan.

The sources also said that in the midst of back-and-forth discussions this week, Pawlenty staffers resisted an overture from Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, who is also rumored to be considering a bid, because they want Christie to run.

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