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RICK PERRY to seek small, activist donors – Reuters

August 18, 2011

Rick Perry to seek small, activist donors

By Kim Dixon

WASHINGTON | Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:07pm EDT

(Reuters) – Rick Perry’s ties to well-heeled Texans will help raise cash for his presidential run but he will also be gunning for passionate anti-Washington Republicans whose small donations have fueled rival Michele Bachmann.

Perry excels at courting mega-donors in Texas, helping him win three terms as governor. Perry will now look to broaden his financial base to Republicans often associated with the fiscally conservative Tea Party movement, fundraisers and analysts said.

“Small donors are critical because they are very frequently activists,” said Greg Slayton, a Perry fundraiser who said small donors would be an important part of the candidate’s money-raising effort. “If they go out and fire up their friends at the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) or the bowling league, that is invaluable.”

Since Perry’s late entry to the Republican race last weekend, the field of top-tier candidates has narrowed to him, Bachmann and front-runner Mitt Romney in the contest to take on President Barack Obama in 2012.

An average of national polls puts Perry a close second to Romney, with Bachmann about 10 percentage points behind, according to

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