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PERRY exudes confidence, swagger on campaign trail – AP

August 18, 2011

Perry exudes confidence, swagger on campaign trail

Aug 18, 4:56 PM EDT


Associated Press

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Rick Perry – the swaggering, back-slapping Texan – grew somber as he spoke amid the carnival din.

“Friday, Iowa’s going to bury one of your own, one of those young Navy SEALs who was killed in Afghanistan,” he said, pausing as his voice cracked.

“I want you to think about T.J. Tumilson and the sacrifices that are still being made today so a guy like me can stand up on a soapbox at the Iowa State Fair and talk freely about freedom and liberty and America and that we are an exceptional country and we’re going to stay an exceptional country.”

Then, Perry pointed his left index finger skyward, raised his voice and declared: “We don’t need anybody apologizing anywhere in this world about America!”

By that point, much of his Iowa audience was captivated, offering thunderous applause for a frequent if debatable insinuation conservatives like to cast on the Democrat he hopes to succeed, President Barack Obama. The crowd didn’t notice – or care – that Perry got Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson’s name wrong.

Welcome to the Rick Perry roadshow.

via Dispatch.


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