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US election 2012: Michele BACHMANN snubs Rick PERRY at Iowa Republican dinner – Telegraph

August 15, 2011

US election 2012: Michele Bachmann snubs Rick Perry at Iowa Republican dinner

Michele Bachmann has angered some Republicans in Iowa by snubbing Governor Rick Perry of Texas, her new White House rival, at a party dinner, insisting on her own lighting and entering the hall “like she was Madonna”.

Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann Photo: GETTY/REUTERS

By Toby Harnden, Waterloo, Iowa 15 Aug 2011

Mr Perry, who got into the 2012 race on Saturday, partly overshadowing Representative Bachmann’s win at the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames, accepted an invitation to the Black Hawk County Republican Party dinner in Waterloo, Iowa last week.

Once she heard the Texas governor would be attending, aides to Mrs Bachmann, who was born in Waterloo, contacted the organisers to say that she would like to speak too. This set up a joint appearance that one Iowa politician predicted would be like the “shoot-out at the OK Corral”.

There was no confrontation but Mrs Bachmann’s move backfired. “She didn’t sit down to visit with us and eat with us,” said Mel Shaw, 57, one of the attendees.

“She came into the room like she was Madonna or something, a big star appearing before all us little people. She didn’t want to answer questions. That’s not the way we do politics here.” Others expressed similar views.

Mrs Bachmann’s Ames win confirmed her position in the top three candidates, along with Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor front-runner, and Mr Perry. But the Texas governor threatens to make major inroads into her support among evangelicals and Tea Party activists.

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