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Anonymous Vows FACEBOOK Destruction on November 5th 2011 [UPDATED] – SlashGear

August 15, 2011

Anonymous Vows Facebook Destruction on November 5th 2011 

Chris Burns, Aug 10th 2011

It’s time again for us to hear from Anonymous, that rather well-known yet hacker group whose members remain largely, well, anonymous. The announcement made today makes clear that whichever member(s) of the hacktivist group have created said call to action are preparing to take down Facebook, one of the most popular and well-traveled social networks and indeed websites on the internet. Of course, as with all “Anonymous” messages, only time will tell if this announcement is “real”, “fake”, or just a message made by a single “member” of Anonymous to rally the rest of the “real” Anonymous troops. This message makes reference to several past news releases tying Facebook to the sharing of “private” user information and notes that Facebook is the antithesis of the AntiSec cause.

via Anonymous Vows Facebook Destruction on November 5th 2011 [UPDATED] – SlashGear.


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