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Top Bush donor to bolt Pawlenty for Perry – Kasie Hunt –

August 11, 2011

Top Bush donor to bolt Pawlenty for Perry

‘Rick Perry comes with so much experience,’ said Gregory Slayton, a key donor. | AP Photo Close

By KASIE HUNT | 8/11/11 6:13 PM EDT

A key New Hampshire fundraiser is taking his money — and his network — away from Tim Pawlenty and into Rick Perry’s new campaign.

Former Ambassador Gregory Slayton, a Bush ranger who raised for McCain in 2008, told POLITICO Thursday that he plans to back Perry — and that he’s taking about 100 friends and allies across the country with him to support the Texas governor. The group includes several other Bush rangers, Slayton said.

“We were looking very carefully at Tim Pawlenty, and we loved him,” Slayton said, “but Rick Perry comes with so much experience.”

Slayton said that he was also wooed by Perry’s pitch of job creation record in Texas that will be at the center of his presidential pitch — indicating the extent of the outreach Perry has already done to donors ahead of announcing his candidacy, which is set for Saturday.

“As Perry said to me, he said, ‘Look, if I’m in New Hampshire and someone asks me what time it is, I’m going to say it’s time to create an environment where the private sector is going to create jobs,’” Slayton said.

Slayton said he trusts the political plan that Perry’s advisers, including New Hampshire-based consultant Dave Carney, laid out for him.

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  1. August 18, 2011 7:39 PM

    Rick Perry needs to have handled this the same manner Mitt Romney did! He should insist the question get asked inside a civil manner then he should answer the question then remind them when they don’t agree they could opt for someone else!!

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