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Josh Lynn for Santa Barbara County DA – sroblog

March 15, 2010

I support Josh Lynn for DA…please read this personal note from Josh and pass it along to your friends.  We need a young man with his integrity in the DA’s office…MB

Hi there, I am Joshua Lynn, a Santa Barbara native and I am running for District Attorney. I am a prosecutor not a politician. Christie Stanley, Tom Sneddon and those that have run this important law enforcement office for the last 28 years all endorse me and know I am the most ethical, experienced and well-rounded choice. I am a career prosecutor of over 14 years, and I have handled many of  Santa Barbara County’s most complex and high-profile cases including Jesse James Hollywood and multi-defendant gang homicides. I have a near-perfect trial record and a flawless ethical history. I am the only candidate that is the Chief Trial Deputy and a supervising attorney. Importantly, I have also acted as your District Attorney while Christie heroically battled the cancer that took her out of the office for extended periods of time. I have structured our 18 million dollar budget, staffed nearly 200 employees and run three District Attorney’s Offices countywide. My opponent has never supervised or led this office in any capacity, has zero gang case experience and has never had to make the hard and sometimes unpopular decisions of a District Attorney. I have supervised her for a long time and understand our differences well. When we needed leadership most, my opponent went about undermining Christie’s three decades of public service in a misguided bid to unseat her while she was ill. While she campaigned I set about trying to protect the citizens of this county as is our mission. Rather than leadership, she demonstrated the opposite. This is consistent with her professional history in which judges and others have called her tactics, actions and self-absorbed methods into grave question. This is public record – period.

I offer you priorities focused on our youth, gang suppression and using your tax dollars wisely to protect your family and mine here. Please see below for Tom Sneddon and Christie Stanley’s thoughts on this race and its importance and go to for lots of information on me, my career and my plans for law enforcement in this county.

I truly need your help to keep the District Attorney’s Office an office of the people not the politicians. Thank you very much.


“I’ve known Josh as a career prosecutor for 14 years and I’ve known his opponent for even longer.  I’ve worked with both of them, managed both of them and had an excellent vantage point to judge not only their careers but to also assess their personal character as I’ve come to know them well.

Josh’s character, ethics and respect for both the rule and operation of law are beyond reproach. I urge you to provide any and all political, financial and moral support to Josh in his effort to serve the public as the next District Attorney.  As the Chief Trial Deputy and winner of the Thomas Guerry Award he has demonstrated the ability to lead in the court room and to be an effective and well liked administrator.  He takes very seriously the leadership role of the office, treats people with respect and is fair.  Josh also is a Santa Barbara County native and has the age-based advantage of being able to serve as the District Attorney for many years to come providing the stability and consistency so vital to this high functioning public safety office.”

Christie Stanley

“I know both candidates well. I hired both of them. I worked with each during their entire careers in the District Attorney’s Office. I know their careers, their achievements, their abilities and their capabilities…Josh Lynn is the clear choice for the next District Attorney and the person best qualified to lead the office in the future.”

Thomas Sneddon, Santa Barbara District Attorney (1984-2006)


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