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CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER – The new socialism

December 10, 2009

The new socialism

By Charles Krauthammer

Friday, December 11, 2009

In the 1970s and early ’80s, having seized control of the U.N. apparatus (by power of numbers), Third World countries decided to cash in. OPEC was pulling off the greatest wealth transfer from rich to poor in history. Why not them? So in grand U.N. declarations and conferences, they began calling for a “New International Economic Order.” The NIEO’s essential demand was simple: to transfer fantastic chunks of wealth from the industrialized West to the Third World.

On what grounds? In the name of equality — wealth redistribution via global socialism — with a dose of post-colonial reparations thrown in.

The idea of essentially taxing hardworking citizens of the democracies to fill the treasuries of Third World kleptocracies went nowhere, thanks mainly to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher (and the debt crisis of the early ’80s). They put a stake through the enterprise.

But such dreams never die. The raid on the Western treasuries is on again, but today with a new rationale to fit current ideological fashion. With socialism dead, the gigantic heist is now proposed as a sacred service of the newest religion: environmentalism.

One of the major goals of the Copenhagen climate summit is another NIEO shakedown: the transfer of hundreds of billions from the industrial West to the Third World to save the planet by, for example, planting green industries in the tristes tropiques.

Politically it’s an idea of genius, engaging at once every left-wing erogenous zone: rich man’s guilt, post-colonial guilt, environmental guilt. But the idea of shaking down the industrial democracies in the name of the environment thrives not just in the refined internationalist precincts of Copenhagen. It thrives on the national scale, too.

On the day Copenhagen opened, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claimed jurisdiction over the regulation of carbon emissions by declaring them an “endangerment” to human health.

via Charles Krauthammer – Charles Krauthammer on the new socialism.

  1. Dale Molesworth permalink
    December 11, 2009 9:58 PM

    Mr. Krauthammer is right on the target. There is a strong socialist movement, which originated with the Fabian society in England nearly 100 years ago. Keynes was a member of this society and the ideas were embodied in the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. I recommend the reading of: The Monster of Jeykll Island by Griffin. It will open your eyes and give you a stomach ache all at the same time. The book is the story of money throughout history and the establishment of the Federal Reserve in this country. The massive debt taken on by the USA is all part of the picture. I do not like to talk of conspiracies but all of this qualifies as one in my view.

  2. December 18, 2009 9:32 AM

    Spot on! Krauthammer never misses.

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