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Stop lying about those stimulus jobs | Washington Examiner

November 17, 2009

Stop lying about those stimulus jobs

Examiner Editorial

November 17, 2009

Give the mainstream news media some credit: They have diligently dug into President Obama's fanciful boasts of job creation. When Obama claimed earlier this month that his $787 billion economic stimulus package had “saved or created” 640,000 jobs, a dozen news organizations pounced. They soon highlighted some of the most egregious cases of sketchy job creation in about 20 states.

From their reports, The Examiner has created an online interactive map for tracking exaggerated stimulus claims. So far, more than 75,000 jobs — exceeding 10 percent of the total — are either highly doubtful or clearly imaginary. In the coming weeks, we expect to add many thousands more to that total as other media organizations scrutinize stimulus grants in their areas.

Obama and his senior aides have sought to downplay the importance of exact numbers, but they invited close scrutiny earlier this year by setting dramatic expectations for the effect the stimulus program would have on employment. If his stimulus program was approved, Obama promised, unemployment would not go above 8 percent this year. The reality is that it passed 10.3 percent in October. So now the stimulus books are being cooked to mollify an anxious public worried that real-world jobs continue to disappear and angry that Obama has thrown almost $1 trillion down the stimulus rathole.

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  1. oldhardhead permalink
    November 17, 2009 9:36 AM

    They are “creating” jobs alright!!!!

    Lying about stimulus jobs? The mainstream media finds that jobs are created in Congressional districts that don’t exits. Must be a typo. How cute!

    Wait a minute. There is money flowing to districts that don’t exist? Money being spend on jobs that don’t exist…

    Mismanagement at best, criminal at worst. Where is the money actually going?

    They think they can run the entire nation’s healthcare? Stay healthy, friends.

  2. Carterthewriter permalink
    November 18, 2009 8:33 AM

    The only jobs these idiots have created are for those that support their ideals and there ain’t too many of those folks left. (I used ‘ain’t’ because it is union terminology)

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