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BOB WEIR: Fatal Correctness – American Thinker

November 9, 2009

military-flag-draped-caskets1November 09, 2009

Fatal Correctness

By Bob Weir

The brutal massacre of 13 unarmed soldiers and the wounding of dozens more at Fort Hood, Texas, is another terrorist act on American soil that could have been prevented if not for an insidious cloud of political correctness that has taken this country hostage.

The victims of this horrific tragedy died at the hands of an enemy that had been masquerading as a friend. Those soldiers had every reason to believe they were safe on an army base surrounded by their patriotic brothers and sisters. They volunteered to serve their country, knowing full well that they might lose their lives on a battlefield in a foreign land. Could any of them have imagined that the end would come at the hands of a Muslim extremist wearing the uniform of an Army Major?

Evidently, it wasn’t enough of a red flag to read this lunatic’s anti-American bitterness, which he proudly posted on the Internet with no fear or compunction about using his own name.  This is a guy who regularly wore the fundamentalism uniform of the enemy he was supposedly training our troops to defeat. This is a guy who wrote in laudatory terms about suicide bombers as he condemned US policies in the Middle East. This is a guy who reportedly told his military classmates that he was a Muslim first and an American second. Hello? Is there anyone out there with common sense? If this is what’s called national security; we are in more trouble than we realize. How many more savage time bombs do we have walking and stalking among us?

via American Thinker: Fatal Correctness.

  1. Andrew Zaplatynsky permalink
    November 9, 2009 8:05 AM

    Bob Weir has nailed the truth of the matter in three paragraphs, while our national security agencies will generate volumes, all designed to avoid unpalatable reality. This is the same ostrich like mind set that produced the policies of Neville Chamberlain in pre war Europe. Maj. Hasan gave enough signals as to his twisted thinking to alert a 12 year old, and yet our military was so concerned with political correctness that it allowed this man to follow his ideology to its logical and inevitable conclusion. We never learn!

  2. Carterthewriter permalink
    November 9, 2009 8:25 AM

    There are a lot of cowards in this country, but most have gravitated to the top in our society.

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