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DENNIS MILLER: Ahem … All not so quiet on the cable front | Washington Examiner

October 29, 2009

dennismillerOctober 30, 2009

Dennis Miller: Ahem … All not so quiet on the cable front

By: Dennis Miller

OpEd Contributor

Who’d have thought that the heretofore ubermeek Obama administration would attempt the first surge of its tremulous tenure against my Fox News Network? As every demented B-lister in a leopard skin fez and a doorman’s outfit from the Plaza Hotel steps up to the psychotic speaker’s corner to tear the Great Satan (uh, that would be us) a new one, our guy has been loathe to return rhetorical fire for fear of stepping on any sandaled toes.

But Fox News? That’s another story. That’s a sitter at the net for the quasimystical LOTUS POTUS. With the mainstream (downstream?) media more in his pocket than a grizzled train conductor’s pocket watch, he had to look far and wide for a news organization that had not signed a 5 W’s abrogation/suicide pact with David Axelrod. And there stood Fox, still skeptical of public officials and under the stellar rein of Brit Hume, still skilled in the ways of good old-fashioned “Woodstein” shoe leather journalism.

As The New York Times scribes stand fawning behind the sawhorses placed beneath Ringo-bama’s top-floor window hoping for some acknowledgment, a glimpse, a smile, a hanky, something, anything!!!!! to drift down from the Great One’s penthouse, Fox continues to grind. As the Secret Service actually contemplates filing a restraining order against some of BO’s more amped-up devotees in the liberal press, Shep, Chris Wallace and the boys loom, eyebrows raised higher than a Rastafarian at a Phish concert.

via Dennis Miller: Ahem … All not so quiet on the cable front | Washington Examiner .

  1. Carterthewriter permalink
    October 30, 2009 10:43 AM

    Dennis, perhaps a few kind words from Arnold might wake them up in Washington.

  2. Jim Anderson permalink
    October 30, 2009 2:31 PM

    Dear Dennis,
    I love your appearances on Fox. Am I write to assume that your reference to the 5W abrogation suicide pact refers to the journalists’ creed to report on: who, what,when, where and why? It’s my guess. Sorry if I got it wrong.
    Jim Anderson

  3. Anne O'Reilly permalink
    October 30, 2009 11:44 PM

    You’re not funny anymore, Denis, just like PJ ORourke isn’t easy,
    I used to rotfl when reading PJ or listening to you, but that was before you went completely partisan over to the right.

    The right does’t understand humor — beyond the simple slapstick of a grandmother slipping on a banana peep and breaking her neck. And your predictable habit of always skewering the left, never the right, even thought the right has provides 99% of the joke material which would get you laughs and perhaps even put you up in Jon Stewart’s league again.,

    These days, you and PJ look like hacks writing for the old Soviet Pravda.
    Too bad about that. You used to have talent, and may still have it, but it must have been declared an enemy combat in the War on Terriors and sent to Gitmo. It sure doesn’t reside in your head any more. Perhaps it’s a time for a mid-life career switch?


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