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Blood for nothing – by Ralph Peters – NY Post

October 28, 2009

92353123JF012_BIDEN.JPGOctober 28, 2009

Blood for nothing

GIs die while Taliban thrives

Ralph Peters

AFGHANISTAN isn’t com pletely hopeless, just use less. It’s a strategic joke with a bloody punch line.

Even if everything went perfectly in Afghanistan — which it won’t — the results would be virtually meaningless: Our mortal enemies (above all, al Qaeda) have dug in elsewhere, from Pakistan to Somalia.

Now we are warned that, unless we send another 40,000 US troops to convince Afghans we’re their friends, unspecified woes will fall upon us like biblical plagues.

Apart from the curious notion that sending more Infantrymen is the way to win hearts and minds, the hearts and minds of Afghans not only can’t be won, but aren’t worth winning.

Our soldiers are dying for a fad, not for a strategy. Our vaunted counterinsurgency doctrine is the military equivalent of hula hoops, pet rocks and Beanie Babies: an oddity that caught the Zeitgeist.

The embrace of this suicidal fad by ambitious senior generals has created the most profound rift between frontline soldiers on one side and top generals on the other that I’ve encountered in 22 years of military service and another 11 years covering our troops.

There have always been disgruntled privates, but the sheer disgust was never this intense. And the top generals seem oblivious. (You can’t just fly in, say, “How’s it going, lieutenant?” and fly back to headquarters.)

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  1. October 29, 2009 3:35 AM

    I think America’s force in Afghan is not needed anymore… If they are saying that they all moved to Pakistan b4 2 yrs then why to stay?… keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.

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