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Pelosi’s Sinking In the Swamp –

October 9, 2009

Congress StimulusPelosi’s Sinking In the Swamp

Andrea Tantaros    –  – October 09, 2009

If she hopes to survive a bloody battle in 2010 — one where her own words and actions will be used against her — Speaker Pelois must insist that New York Congressman Charlie Rangel resign immediately. 

When she became Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi assured Americans she would “drain the swamp” and clean up ethics violations. To this day, she still boasts about that notion as an accomplishment. Sadly, the swamp is winning.

In perhaps the most appalling display of “cronyism,” — a word Pelosi herself used almost incessantly when Republicans were in power, — she has allowed her good friend and political ally, Rep. Charlie Rangel to retain his powerful post as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. This, despite calls for him to step down from both sides of the aisle and a litany of unethical transgressions, including the following:

– Evading taxes on $1.3 million in income derived from multiple properties and failing to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets and income.

– Accusations of taking a $1 million contribution to the Rangel Center at City College from a wealthy businessman who later got a lucrative tax break for his company.

-Accepting a Citigroup-funded trip to the Caribbean in November 2008, when the bank was bleeding the bailout funds dry.

– Unreported rental income from a vacation villa in the Dominican Republic that Rangel failed to acknowledge when filling out financial disclosure forms.

Instead of applying the same guidelines on impropriety that she did for the GOP, Pelosi has largely stayed mum, opting instead to duck, deny, and ignore the gravity of the situation in front of her. It’s not surprising since this isn’t the first instance of her favoritism.

She’s also stuck by her closest congressional cohort, John Murtha, who is also facing an investigation into his misdeeds including no-bid contracts awarded to a nephew’s company and $38.1 million in earmarked appropriations for clients of the PMA Group which employs former Murtha staff members and contributed to his campaign.

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  1. Gary from Jersey permalink
    October 9, 2009 10:47 AM

    Pelosi’s in a bind. Sacrifice Rangel and she had a worse problem keeping the lid on all those other stalled corruption investigations of many of her close allies in Congress and the White House. I have to hand it to her, though: she’s kept the wolves at bay this far and may well succeed at preventing ANY corruption investigations of any Democrat.

  2. JipC1963 permalink
    October 10, 2009 5:41 PM

    “When she became Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi assured Americans she would “drain the swamp” and clean up ethics violations.”

    Silly Andrea Tantaros! When Pelosi made that vow, she only meant that she would clean up the Republicans’ dirty laundry and she did! Look how quickly the House moved to take Rep. Joe Wilson to task for legitimately calling out the President when Obama lied to the American public! Like they have nothing better to do!

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