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Jerusalem united! by Malcolm Hedding – Jerusalem Post

October 5, 2009


Jerusalem united!


Oct 3, 2009 20:07 | Updated Oct 5, 2009 3:20

Benjamin Disraeli, the prime minister of the United Kingdom at the turn of the 20th century, had a special way of taking on detractors who heckled him as a Jew when he rose to speak in parliament. “My people were kings in Jerusalem while you were still scratching around in the fields for mushrooms,” he would say.

The point is, Jerusalem was the Royal House of Israel long before London or Paris had regal palaces, and before Berlin or New York even existed. Yet it is these capitals in their arrogance that seek, almost daily, to disinvest the Jewish people from their ancient, biblical claim and connection to Jerusalem.

This is a people that for thousands of years expressed its attachment to and longing for the city by exclaiming every Passover: “Next year in Jerusalem!” The city has been the capital of only one people, and that is the Jewish people. No other nation can or should lay claim to it. As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently declared, “Jerusalem is not a settlement!” It is the City of David, Solomon, the great prophets and sages of the Bible, and the city that Jesus himself prayed for and recognized as Jewish.

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  1. Meanlittleboy permalink
    October 5, 2009 12:29 AM

    Very nice article…Guess what?? your king and mine will be reigning over the same place when some of these countries mentioned, wish they could dig up mushrooms!!shalom

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