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Bible verses banned from Ga. school football field – AP

October 2, 2009

ban-bibleOct 2, 3:44 PM EDT

Bible verses banned from Ga. school football field


ATLANTA (AP) — When the Warriors of Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High take the field Friday night, the football team won’t be running through the cheerleaders’ usual banner bearing a Bible verse. The school district banned the signs a week ago over concerns they were unconstitutional and could provoke a lawsuit, angering many in the deeply religious north Georgia town of Fort Oglethorpe.

“I’m just kind of unnerved about it,” said 18-year-old Cassandra Cooksey, a recent graduate who often prayed with her fellow marching band members before football games. “It seems like the majority of people in our community want this and they don’t have a problem with it, so I think they should be allowed to have the signs if they want to.”

Several hundred people attended a rally this week supporting the signs, and more than 8,000 people have joined an Internet group backing the display of Biblical messages by the school’s cheerleaders. Some of the banners have read: “Commit to the Lord, whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” and “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.”

via News from The Associated Press.

  1. Frank permalink
    October 3, 2009 6:58 PM

    I bet if that was a Koranic verse, it would have Hussein Obama’s and the ACLU’s seal of approval. We have to take our country back from these morons.

  2. October 3, 2009 8:03 PM

    This is from

    (HH Here: Conservative pundits, bloggers and humorists need to be cautious. The current bubble of Leftist gaffes and exposes coupled with Pres. Obama’s delusion that he is a third world dictator makes finding juicy Leftist stories to comment upon like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel. It almost isn’t fair. We have Acorn and Van Jones and Aaron Hill and Obama ignoring Afghanistan so he can waste time being humiliated trying to strong-arm the OIC. Whew! The moderates and conservatives are having a field day.

    But all good things must come to an end, as this one surely shall. Right now though it is hard to keep a moderate balance to this blog. The Lefties that have dominated the Democrats since the election are being caught with their hands in the political cookie jars left and right and the Leftish blogs are looking very silly trying to find things to talk about without becoming…gasp…moderate in tone!! We all know of course that for a Leftist or Rightist to find fault with their own leaders is a sign of moral failure and a clear lack of loyalty to the “Right thinking” side of the zero sum game we call life. It is only the rest of us, those who think about issues instead of reacting to the actions of the opposition to the events of the day, that can look at our own teams leaders from time to time and say “You are full of shit!” in public.

    But that is neither here nor there. I came here not to talk about partisanship but about the blatant, if non-violent, mentality of those in America who claim to be patriots but “Just. Don’t Get. It.” on the Right.

    As has been noted by several pundits recently, David Horowitz among them, partisans see the world in terms of absolute truth. Whether a person be an Islamist or Marxist or Radical Right Dominionist they all see their “truth” as an integral part of reality. It is something to be obeyed to obtain salvation, morality does not enter the equation until the last step when the world is saved and all is made right for all time. When this mindset sees someone not pursuing the agenda of “truth” they are able to judge that person’s actions quite accurately against the secular legal and social framework. When asked to judge a “true believer”, someone who is acting for the goal of the same “truth” that the observer, suddenly this mind cannot apply simple logic to laws OR customs. When in the minority these folks known instinctively that the majority has no right to enforce a universal code of “customs” based blatantly on only their religion. But give them the majority and no matter the religion or political ideology the partisan mind sees black as white and white as green. Sins by leaders that would destroy an opposition leaders credibility in their minds is met with ambivalence and excuses. Take just a few examples: New Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and on the Left half of the Hollywood Elite. These people have managed to amass multiple cross-confirming reports of complete moral vacuity by many sources from all sides of the political divide. Yet all have been rehabilitated over and over to stand beside decent people as leaders with trust and respect. HOW??

    Group-think Virginia, Group-Think. The sad thing that happens when the only people you talk to tend to agree with you. You tend to get, slowly, bit by bit, just a little CRAZY! And the people you are talking to get crazy right along with you! The main warning sign is an inability to address actual ideas when “arguing”. If the only arguments you have are personal attacks and arguments from authority and guilt by association etc. cetera. et. cetera. then you just might have a cranial-rectal inversion and not know it. Like this folks seem to have:)

    Bible verses banned from Ga. school football field

    Associated Press Writer

    FORT OGLETHORPE, Ga. (AP) — The Warriors of Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High took the field on Friday night without any Bible verses written on the cheerleaders’ banner.

    Instead, the football team ran through a banner that read “This is Big Red Country” before each bent on a knee to pray on the field of Tommy Cash Stadium.

    (HH: well it starts off good, they have stopped using Bible verses for a public school event but then they give the Constitution AND Jesus the finger by having a good old “look at us we are so pious” anti-Christian prayer on the field. This is an issue I really don’t get. Gays are more or less in Leviticus, respect for life by Jesus can get you the anti-abortion stance. I don’t like them but they have SOME excuse in the Christian scriptures. But this praying in public thing is exactly what I read Jesus as having said was a BAD THING. To me this is a good sign of the not-really-religious-but-love-the-moral-authority crowd. They get all up in your face about their r3religion but the point is the display, not their own relationship with God.
    So, we probably can guess the attitude of the locals to the change in the Bible verses:)

    The spirited display comes after the school district banned the banners last week over concerns they were unconstitutional and could provoke a lawsuit, angering many in the deeply religious north Georgia town of Fort Oglethorpe.

    (HH: this is the point that the partisan on either side just can’t get. In this case if there is ONE student who is not Christian or even an Agnostic leaning questioner of Christianity that student feels an outsider for no reason that is appropriate for a public school. If you could put each parent in the place of a student NOT of the majority for a week they would understand what our Founding Fathers did when they put the First Amendment in place along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. Yet these folks consider themselves patriotic.)

    “I’m just kind of unnerved about it,” said 18-year-old Cassandra Cooksey, a recent graduate who often prayed with her fellow marching band members before football games. “It seems like the majority of people in our community want this and they don’t have a problem with it, so I think they should be allowed to have the signs if they want to.”

    (HH: Here we have the obligatory “But it is the majority that wants it and no one has been uppity enough to say they don’t like it” argument. IF this was valid any town that had one Muslim more than Christians should be able to have a Friday Prayer before the game? This is the mentality of those “Christians” who used the courts to get Christian literature included in “backpack mail” packets along with secular activities. But when an Agnostic group put in a flyer about an event the “Christians” went ballistic and ended up ending the entire backpack mail program just because they could not limit the religious material to THEIR religion.)

    The move has galvanized the community. Hundreds of people attended a rally this week supporting the signs, which included messages such as: “Commit to the Lord, whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Many students attended class Friday wearing shirts with Bible verses and painted their cars with messages that read: “Warriors for Christ.”

    (HH: Remember what I said about partisans seeing things all as zero-sum games? This is a good example. The “logic” is thus: I am a dedicated Christian, I must at all times be seen as a dedicated Christian. IF I do not attempt to make my Savior triumphant in all things then I am not a dedicated Christian.
    This kind of person does not even GET to the point of applying their religion’s ETHICS or MORALITY to the issue. They just act to make sure they “win” and that God sees them fighting the good fight. “Warriors for God”? Any parent who sees that on their kids car, no matter the religion, should have a long talk with them about forgetting religion to advance the Church.)

    During the game, several other messages were visible in the packed stadium. Some people stood with signs that read “You Can’t Silence Us” and some young men had Bible verses painted on their chests.

    (HH: more misguided “patriots”. The fact that their signs, held by individuals attending the game, were an actual form of Free Speech while the Bible verses banner held by cheerleaders in the past was not seems to have sailed right over their heads doesn’t it?)

    “When you get a whole bunch of teenagers mad, this is what happens. We stand up for what believe in,” 16-year-old Shelby Rouse said over the roar of a pre-game pep rally.

    (HH: You are mad that you are not allowed to have your tribal religious rights as part of a U.S. Public School event? And I bet you think the Taliban thinks differently than you do. Why? Because you only want to dominate in the name of the “truth” right? Rules are for those who do not see the “truth” you do. Cutting off heads or just giving people a headache, it is all the same when it comes to totalitarian thought. And Shelby, You have it in spades.)

    Cheerleader Taylor Guinn said she is disappointed about the banning of the signs on the football field and believed there was nothing wrong with displaying them.

    “It’s done good because it brought a lot of glory to God,” the 17-year-old senior said.

    (HH: Here we have the completely naive argument. Note again that this mindset assumes the possession of a complete and irrefutable “Truth” that supersedes any allegiance to secular law or customs or even simple politeness. In the propagation of “The Faith” any mundane rule may be trespassed. Taylor, I am sorry your teachers failed you, especially your history and civics teachers. In fact your pastor has failed you as well. Christianity has long rejected the idea that an act is allowed simply because it advances The Faith. That has been found by all major school of Christian thought to be a pitfall and heresy. The means is never sanctified by the ends. In fact the paradigm within Christianity is that a series of acts taken with total commitment to “walking the walk” humbly will be more likely to succeed than any Machiavellian scheme for certain victory. Frankly, if you like that paradigm better you might want to look into converting to Islam.)

    Players at the 900-student school began running through the Biblical banners shortly after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and school Principal Jerry Ransom said he enthusiastically supported it then. But Catoosa County schools Superintendent Denia Reese banned the practice after a parent complained.

    (HH: Here is where we see that the school acted in a fashion that puts it completely across the line Constitutionally. Not only did they suddenly start using Bible verses but they did it in an aggressive response to 9/11. I am a Moderate. I write a blog that is VERY critical of mainstream Islam as well as the so called radicals. But in my Moderate view no acts of idiots justifies sensible folks in being idiots themselves. To any non-Christians in the area the sudden change would be seen for what it was. A jingoistic declaration of hostility to any who are not seen as “one of us”. In the U.S. this is not acceptable behaviour for a school district, period, end of discussion.
    IF they wanted to make a statement that was not divisive and unconstitutional then they could have used quotes from American heroes that amounted to the same message of solidarity in the face of adversity. THAT would have been inclusive of all who want to be included as Americans. IN my book you accept that when you move here, religion is by far another story though and should never be made an integral part of secular social life by government bodies.)

    Reese said the school board’s attorney advised her the signs violated federal law because they were being displayed by the cheerleaders during a school-sponsored event.

    “I regret that the cheerleaders cannot display their signs in the football stadium without violating the First Amendment,” Reese said in a statement. “I rely on reading the Bible daily, and I would never deny our students the opportunity to express their religious beliefs.”

    (HH: Notice that this man does not seem to see the difference between “denying his students the right blah blah” and imposing his religion on students and parents et. al.? Right or Left the mindset is easily identified once you realize neither side of the “aisle” is truly sane when taken to extremes.)

    The Anti-Defamation League, a human rights group, sent a letter to Reese commending the ban.

    “There are legal ways for students to have religious observation in a school context and there are illegal ways, and we believe Reese is correct that the football game crosses a line,” said Bill Nigut, the group’s southeast regional director.

    (HH: And I “believe” that if I kill someone I can be charged with murder. I “believe” that I have no more chance of winning the lottery than any other ticket holder. Did this person get paid for delivering this studied opinion? The scary part is that TEACHERS needed to ask someone!!!)

    Tom Rogeberg, a spokesman of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, said he can understand banning cheerleaders on the field from displaying religious banners. But he said spectators in the stands must be able to continue expressing their beliefs freely as they did in Fort Oglethorpe on Friday.

    “It’s been long seen at sporting events with banners like John 3:16 being put up by fans,” Rogeberg said.

    (HH: Just so he doesn’t sound totally stupid he puts in a defense of something no one has attacked and that is actually legal. Assuming any other kind of banners are allowed by spectators then it is not legal to ban religious ones. DUH, another no brainer pretending to be profundity.)

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