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Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem – Israel National News

July 27, 2009

Jerusalem1-mmgAnti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem

July 27, 2009

by Hillel Fendel

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( For the first time in years, the nationalist camp will hold a large scale rally against United States policies vis-a-vis Israel.

The protest will be held in downtown Jerusalem, on Agron St. on Monday evening, and is being organized by the Residents Committees of Binyamin and Samaria, as well as the nationalist umbrella organization Mateh Maamatz, the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities, and Komemiyut.

Knesset Members and others representing various parties, including the Likud, will speak.

“Not since the days of [U.S. Secretary of State Henry] Kissinger has there been such a protest against American policies,” said MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh), chairman of the National Union party. “The pressure that Barack Hussein Obama is exerting against us to simply stop growing and stop living will not work.”

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