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Law puts a halt on selling youth dirt bikes and ATVs- WDAY

February 17, 2009

contact02Law puts a halt on selling youth dirt bikes and ATVs

Stephanie Goetz, WDAY, Published Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – A new law is putting the brakes on youth dirt bikes and ATV’s. Lawmakers say the lead content in parts of off-road machines is too high and dangerous for children.

Dealerships filled with the newest in off-road vehicles are missing one big seller.

Jason Johnson/U Motors: “We can’t sell a machine for a child 12 or under, currently.”

Lead rules affect dirt bikes and ATVs

Mike Hennebry/Wheels Inc: “Well, I kind of feel short changed on the whole situation.”

This comes after a temporary national ban on any ATV or dirt bike designed for children 12 and younger because some parts contain lead levels greater than 600 parts per million. And it has sellers fuming; one local company is losing 50 thousand dollars a year in sales.

Jason: “If there were a part on the machine that had lead, is the child going to eat the part off the machine? We don’t think that that is normal.”

via WDAY – News Weather Sports for North Dakota and Minnesota.

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